Digital Bubbles

This is my piece in the All Florida Juried Exhibit at the Alliance for the Arts that runs from June 2-30. It’s a 15″ x 20″ print a photograph of the reflection of LED lights in my aquarium.

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Drill Press

This is my piece in the Mechanical Juried Exhibit at the Alliance for the Arts that runs until October 31. It’s a 24″ x 48″ print of an inkjet monotype created from a photograph of the drill press in the Rauschenberg Studio on Captiva.

Mike Kiniry-Drill Press-Inkjet Monotype Print-24x48

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Pippa’s Song

Inkjet monotype of a photograph of a painting I got at a thrift shop covered in words cut out of a book I got from the same thrift shop. If you click it you can zoom in to explore the details. It was recently part of the SWFL Lives exhibit at Howl Gallery & Tattoo.

painting with old book words on it_sm

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Inkjet Monotype Exhibit in the Alliance Member Gallery

My first full exhibit of Inkjet Monotypes is now on display in the Member Gallery at the Alliance for the Arts. It is presented in conjunction with the Main Gallery Exhibit MATSUMOTO, featuring works by Ikki & Polly Matsumoto. The exhibits remain on display through February 28. The opening reception is Friday, February 13, 5-7PM.


Here is my Artist Statement & Brief Bio for this exhibit:

Mike Kiniry

The “Inkjet Monotype” Process

Back in 2009 while printing photographs for an exhibit at Bennett’s Fresh Roast I accidentally ran one through upside down so it printed onto the back side of the photo paper. It was a big messy disaster because the ink didn’t properly absorb and I feared the printer was ruined. I began to carefully throw the sheet of paper away so I didn’t get ink everywhere when it occurred to me to at least try to make a transfer print onto the proper side of a different sheet of photo paper before throwing it away. I put the inky disaster onto my ping pong table and carefully laid a sheet of photo paper on top of it and then smooshed them together with my hands as best I could — and there was my first Inkjet Monotype. (You can see the original ‘mistake’ prints down the hall above the water fountains.) Thankfully my printer wasn’t ruined, and I although I thought the concept was pretty cool I had a photography show to put together so didn’t pursue it much further at the time.

Last summer I showed one of those first prints to Fort Myers artist Leo Johnson and it was his positive and openly intrigued reaction that motivated me to experiment with the process again. This exhibit is the result of those experiments. I have long since moved on from using the back side of photo paper as the initial print medium to other forms of ‘paper’ that don’t allow the ink to absorb into them, and I continue to experiment with different medias and printer types. There is still much left to explore.

As a long time photographer, I find this process extremely gratifying because of the uniqueness of each print. I can print the same image 5 times in a row using the exact same settings and each print will be truly distinct. I hope you enjoy the results of my experimentation.

Brief Bio

I have been the PR Director here at the Alliance since 2011. In the past I have been a part of WGCU Public Radio, Liquid Cafe, the Broken Niblick Golf Shop, and Ives Book Shop. I grew up in Fort Myers and still live here near downtown with my 9 year old daughter and our sweet dog Rose.

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Caloosahatchee Sunset – Inkjet Monotype Assemblage – 30″x24″ – $400

This is my first attempt at creating a larger image by assembling multiple inkjet monotype prints. It’s in the Layers, Fiber Collage & Assemblage exhibit that opens Friday, October 3rd at the Alliance for the Arts.

Mike Kiniry-Caloosahatchee Sunset-Inkjet Monotype Assembly-30x24

The show remains on display through November, 1st.

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